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We love the challenge that each new client brings when creating websites. Every clients’ needs are different and we tailor your website design to meet your needs. Whether you’re needing a one page event website design or a complex e-commerce site, we take our time to customize the look and functionality to match what you’re needing out of a website. We can create websites from scratch as we are well versed in many coding languages (HTML, XML, CSS, PHP, AS2/AS3) but we typically like to suggest wordpress templates. WordPress templates saves us time because we’re not coding everything from scratch and gives us a great platform to start from. There is also a CMS (content management system) built in to the back end of wordpress which allows you to log in and create/change content as needed.

Entrepreneur Package

1½ Hour Consultation
Redesign of Website
No Content


Professional Package

1½ Hour Consultation
Design of Website
Content on Main Pages
SEO on Main Pages


Executive Package

1½ Hour Consultation
Design of Website
Content on all pages
SEO for all pages
Monthly Management



When scheduling consultation meeting, please include your preferred method for our meeting (email, phone, meeting, skype) in the notes during the scheduling process.


If you’ve already got a website in place and you just need a facelift, a redesign is what you’d be looking for. We’d keep all the content and transfer it to a new design that helps showcase what you do. This would not include any content writing nor would it include SEO, as we assume that you’d already have it in place with your content. If you are in need of it, we can discuss adding them to this plan separately.


This is for business owners and individuals who might not have had a website before and are needing an online presence. This plan would cover a website design along with all of the content for the primary pages (home, about, contact, services pages, etc.) along with SEO for helping those pages rank.


An ongoing service where we would do the initial setup with all of the website design, content and SEO. Then we’d continue to work with you month to month to continue to help with formatting new content and making sure it’s optimized for search engines.

All consultations for the previously mentioned plans are all free and we can discuss your needs via email, a face to face meeting, a phone call or a skype call. None of the packages include the cost of photography or stock photography. Those services are available separately here if you need that as well.

On top of the actual coding aspect, we do customize the layout as well in most cases to make the most appealing look we can for your site. If you need custom graphic design to help the aesthetic of your site as well we are highly skilled in making graphics to meet those needs. Graphics are important because they draw in your potential client/user and direct them where to go. Contact us today and we can give you a free estimate on how much it would take to build the website you’re needing.

We know that there’s a lot of different choices when it comes to having your website design done and there will always be cheaper options. Money is always a factor when looking to do marketing and we understand that. Whether you’re just starting your business or you’ve been in business for years, as a business owner you have to make the best decision for your business and that includes where to invest your money.

Website designs can always be done for cheap; there are always those just starting out and trying to get their foot in the door and their are more simple and less customizable options out there. Bottom line is this when it comes to website design, you get what you pay for. If you skimp out on website design now, you not only run the risk of losing potential clients because your website design is unprofessional but you also will have to invest more money later for someone like us to come along and fix your website.

There are a variety of different website designs out there and they’re designed to do specific things. If you have products, there’s a certain design you want that leads your viewer to buy your product. If you’re a pharmaceutical company and you need an informational site that attracts investors there’s a specific look you need to capture those leads as well.

Creating a website is more than just putting pretty pictures on an html document and hoping it works. A theme is much more involved than saying “I want that one” and putting your images and words in. When you install a WP theme, you have absolutely nothing; no formatting, no pictures, no words. There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to website design and we’ll help with understanding the complexities of a good website.

We’ve worked locally in Colorado Springs, CO to create webpages with small business owners with features that include e-commerce, blogs, portfolios and more. We’re also equipped to do out of state website design builds as we can do screen shares and video conferences to walk through building your website. Take a look at a list of websites we’ve built for clients here in Colorado Springs, CO and beyond to get a taste of the future of your website design.


Colorado Springs, CO

Home Concepts By Baer (Home Construction): Under Construction
Lewis Kuhn Swan PC (Lawyer Firm): Under Construction
Colorado Overtime Lawyers (lawyer Firm): Live
Summit Fuel (Nutraceuticals): Live
Kristen Collie Photography (Photography): Under Construction
Courageous Love (Blog): Live
Aspenwood Stables (Equine): Live



Prairie Wind B&B and Retreat Center: Live


Before any work takes place, we will send over a contract to be signed and returned. No work will be completed until the contract and deposit have been returned.