Eleven34 StudiosGraphic Design

Creating visually appealing graphics is the cornerstone to getting your audiences attention. You can have a great deal, a great service and everything your customers want but if your ad doesn’t catch their attention, you’ve missed an opportunity for more business. There are so many things now days on the internet that are screaming for our attention. Some website do this with annoying colors, blinking objects and/or popups. We think it doesn’t have to be so complicated. Put your great product and great service in a design that naturally catches the attention of the viewer because IT LOOKS GOOD.

There is so much that goes into a great design and there is so much value in having a well designed graphic for your business. It’s human nature to look at things that are attractive to the eye. When we see something we like, we are more likely to give it more than a quick glance. Alternatively when we see something that’s bland or poorly designed, we typically move on to the next thing that attracts our attention.

If you would like to run monthly advertisements and want to continue to change things up, select the social media package above to set a meeting to discuss your needs. Building you specials or promotions every month that you can run on Facebook and other social media outlets is a great way to get community involvement with your site and in turn your business. When people like your promotions or share it, your ad reaches a whole new audience of their friends simply because they liked activity your page put out. Now you’re reaching a new audience every month and potentially growing your customer base.

Having high quality banners and advertisements on your website helps to give your website legitimacy which is a huge foundational piece to keeping those guests on your site.