Antioch Church invited us once again to grab photos for their annual event photography opportunity where they honor those that volunteer at the church. This year they had a 1950’s styled party and those attending were invited to dress up in clothing pertaining to that era. It was a fun night of great food, giveaways and dancing. We even got to join in the fun and play in a round of Wheel of Fortune (which we lost).

Antioch Church came with a full setup and a backdrop already setup for us to shoot at for their annual event photography session. We were able to float around and grab some candid shots of the event and had a set time that we would be at the photo booth to take pictures for the volunteers and their families. The children and young adults were primarily the ones that utilized the setups while the adults jumped in every now and then.

Being invited to do the annual event photography at venues such as this by Antioch Church is always such a fun time where people can let loose a little and have fun. We love to capture those moments of people being themselves and having fun. Check out our annual event photography packages for your next event!