What could be more fun for a birthday than to hop on a train and go out into the middle of nowhere to listen to a live concert? For this birthday photography celebration with the Tisthammer family we got just that opportunity. The Tisthammer family, from Colorado Springs, planned to take part in an event being held on the Rio Grande Scenic Railroad out of Alamosa, CO for their birthday and invited friends and family to join them.

We boarded the train and it was about a 2 hour train ride into our destination in the middle of no where. We made stops along the way to pick up the band that would later be performing but eventually made our way to the concert destination. They had a great little set up out there with a stage and power available and when the concert finished everyone lingered to talk to the performers. Once everyone was back on board we got set back to Alamosa, which somehow turned into a longer train ride, and had a great time conversing and grabbing some fun family birthday photography images.

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