We continue to work with one of our favorite clients, Summit Fuel, and were honored when they asked us to create for them a banner for their upcoming races that they would be sponsoring. They gave us the dimensions and we were off to the races to get them something to promote their business when the runners crossed the finish line.


With the specifications they gave us, it was a large scale print need and we needed to create the graphics for this in vector as most images in raster format just wouldn’t be able to fit and get to the size we needed it to. We tried a number of variations and eventually landed on a look we liked and we began to integrate the look into other things as well such as their new packaging label for their new product Hydrate.

In the banner, we wanted to have an encouragement to finish strong and cross the finish line with your best effort. We also wanted to reinforce in the runners heads¬†how at the end of this race or at their next races that Summit Fuel gives “Fuel to the top”.

In building the banner imagery, we kept their branding colors and integrated in some fractal type imagery mixed in with the mountains to give it that edgy feeling while also incorporating some geometric shapes. We felt it was a nice balance to have the rigid fractal pieces countering the geometric structure.

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