After getting the call to create Summit Fuel’s banner for an upcoming race they were sponsoring, they waned to work to release a new product for the race. Their new product, Hydrate, is made to help get electrolytes back into your body during a run and they needed a label design to put on their packaging.

So after we designed the banner, we really liked some of the elements from that and decided we’d bring those into their new branding and label design. We wanted to support their mountain branding while bringing in imagery that supported the hydrating product.

We built some elements for this label design in Illustrator and brought them into photoshop where we incorporated the mountain and water imagery. This label design was a 3″ x 5″  for a larger silver bag and they were excited with the end product.

If you’ve got a new product or an old product and you need a fresh look, check out our package design packages and talk with us about getting a label design for your products!

Check out Summit Fuel’s website where you can order this product from them and support a local Colorado Springs business!