We were never proponents for wordpress before and we had always thought wordpress and drupal were cheating. We wanted to know how to do the coding so we spent hours and days coding to finally come around to the idea that wordpress wasn’t so bad. Working with Summit Fuel we wanted to offer a WordPress solution to their e-commerce website needs as it cuts down on hours we have to spend on designing the website (though it still does take time to make a template look good and come together correctly). We loved this solution to their e-commerce website needs and in their words (and of those viewing their website) it added instant credibility to them as a business. We loved hearing that feedback; that we didn’t just make something pretty but we added validity to an organization with the design work we put together for them.
Summit Fuel - E-commerce Website Design
Their e-commerce website includes a shopping cart, articles, customer login/logout, wishlists, pop ups (not the super annoying kind) and much more and we, as well as Summit Fuel, were very pleased with how it all came together. Go take a look at their stuff and support a local Colorado Springs, CO business by grabbing some of their goods!

Summit Nutraceuitcals was one of our first clients and we’ve enjoyed continuing to do work with them as they grow. We’ve done a lot with Summit Nutraceuticals from taking product photography of their line of products to building a website to market and promote their products.

If you’re in need of an e-commerce website to sell your products and to add validity to your organization, check out our website design packages and select an option that best suits your needs.