Through our affiliation with Rachel’s Challenge and Eternal Ventures we had the opportunity to create this baking logo for Splendid Baking, a new start up baking business. We initially started with some more old school, intricate looking label concepts and were instructed to think simpler. With that in mind we began to introduce some iconic kitchen elements typically used for baking to use in this baking logo concept. We had some baking logo concepts with rolling pins and some with intricately designed plates but the whisk is the iconic symbol that one out for this logo.

Splendid Baking - Baking Logo

We also know they were wanting to aim for a classy and chic look so we included that in the baking logo design. The simplicity of the logo and the pop of color served to reinforce the overall branding theme of classy and chic and we found a way to include the whisk in a way that would replace the “i” in Splendid. This allowed for an easier integration of the imagery into the baking logo design.

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