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Having a great product or service is all well and good but if you’re not connecting with your community through social media outlet, you’re missing a huge resource for your business. Creating buzz around new products and new features starts with social media outlets and getting your new content in front of your audience. Social media is the engine that drives customers to your website or your store because it is where people go to connect. If you can connect with your audience and give them something they need, you’re in the door.

There are a multitude of social media platforms and we’d love to help you manage and strategize for how best to reach your audience. Facebook is a great resource for a lot of businesses because you’re able to connect with your audience and create targeted campaigns to attract a specific demographic to your business page. Google+ is also another necessary setup for a successful website. Google+ isn’t so much, in our opinion, about connecting with others but more so about the SEO ranking. Having a well setup Google business page is critical to your website showing up in searches. Also, receiving positive reviews on Google+ along with +1’s will also help increase your search engine ranking.

Other useful social media outlets include LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram. Depending on what your business does you may want to be included in one of these or you may want to be on all of these. LinkedIn is primarily built for the professional realm, connecting business minded individuals. So this might a good social media outlet to connect with if your business works with other business professionals. LinkedIn also provides a certain amount of legitimacy since it is more about professionalism. Twitter is a great avenue for creating trending topics and being apart of current trends. Twitter can also be used as a great middle man pointing to other content and other social media outlets. Pinterest would be geared more toward artistically focused businesses as it is a great place to share ideas and creative expressions.

Social media outlets also provide a great resource for social proofing. When a potential client comes to your site it’s an invaluable for them to be able to see real people responding to you and your business. If you provide a great product or a great service, show off how people feel about your business. Good reviews and positive feedback help new customers see that people have done business with you in the past and it has been a good experience. Utilizing these reviews can mean the difference between turning that prospect into a new client or them looking elsewhere to do business.

Not everyone has time to run a business and manage all of the social media platforms and it can be a challenge to keep up with all of it. If you need a hand with managing your social media, we offer different services that can assist you to get the most out of the social media tools available. Whether you need assistance in setting up your pages, creating graphics for promotions or help with creating targeted campaigns we can be the solution for your needs.

Targeted campaigns allow you to create advertisements that are seen specifically by a specific audience of your choosing.