After Rachel’s Challenge Summit event where we designed a flyer and individualized informational packages, we had the opportunity to design a follow up mailer piece to put the information back in front of the schools to help remind them and give that extra little nudge to pull the trigger on taking part in their special offer. The request for these follow up mailer pieces was that it be in the likeness of a check to remind them that this is money that could be there’s as a school district or school.
Rachel's Challenge - Follow up Mailer design
This follow up mailer would be sent with other materials to reinforce the information that was initially presented to them but the main idea with this design was to get them thinking about the money that could be saved and given to their school district. The checks would be signed but of course not be able to be deposited and serve only as a reference to the money and the idea that this money is essentially theirs.

If you’ve completed an event where you presented information or a promotional offer and you want to send out a follow up mailer to your attendees, take a look at out mailer options and see if there’s a good fit for your specific needs.