It’s such an honor when friends have the opportunity to introduce your new business to the company they work for to do work. Chris Rosenhahn is the Director of Finance at New Horizons Foundation and with an upcoming milestone with the nonprofit, they wanted to showcase the impact that they’ve had in supporting other nonprofits around the world. They had received the data and map from CartoMission, another nonprofit here in Colorado Springs, CO, and we were able to use that information and map to come up with this poster design for New Horizons Foundation.
There was already a bid in to design the map and a mock up design in place and through our connection with Chris Rosenhahn we were able to get the opportunity to create this poster design for them. There were a number of revisions, mostly because we were caught in the idea that they wanted it to look like other things that had been designed for them, but once it was reinforced that they wanted us to branch out a little we were able to pin down a poster design that worked well for them. We incorporated some infographic design elements with the map and after a few iterations we landed on this concept that highlighted the impact the nonprofit has had worldwide.

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