Tiffany Jorgenson made a post on Facebook inquiring about web design and if anyone had any insight into her process of getting a midwife website design for her new business. My wife and I had just recently had a home birth and had gotten a little insight into the home birth world so I was excited at the opportunity to be able to assist her in building this website out with her!

We knew there were a few midwife’s here in town but none with her certifications as a Certified Nurse Midwife. So learning more about what that meant in her industry and how big of a deal it was, was really great to dive into. A Colorado Springs home birth is pretty common place from what we’ve seen, much more common than places we’ve lived at least and we’d highly recommend a home birth experience with Mountain Miracles Midwifery.

We’ve really enjoyed getting to work with Tiffany and she was really easy to work with. We connected her with Tyler Krause, our SEO partner, and he was able to walk her through ranking her site and now she is number 2 for her keywords in Colorado Springs.

Getting into their midwife website design, we had the challenge of creating a page that looked professional and medical while still having a comfortable and soft feeling. When her clients are looking for a midwife, they want assurance that they’re dealing with a professional that knows what they’re doing but also someone who is personable. It was a great challenge creating this midwife website design for them and I loved getting to create that balance visually through the design.

Midwife Website Design

If you’re a midwife looking to get a midwife website design or quote for your business, check out our website design page and see some other projects we’ve done. If you’re ready to give us a shout and get your process started, feel free to reach out!