Working with Kristen Collie has been such a joy and we’ve enjoyed being able to help her with getting her photographer logo designed for her business. Our first step together was to get together a good looking and memorable photographer logo for her branding and after a few different attempts and revisions we landed on this logo with paisley and a K with two lines, which is something she does in her signature. We had some inspiration for the paisley design but ultimately made it by hand in Illustrator to make it integrate well with the other elements.

Kristen Collie Photography - Photographer Logo

We’re continuing to work with her to develop a website for her photography needs so she can show off her incredible pictures and plan to incorporate her photographer logo into business cards and watermarks for her. It’s more of an intricate design in terms of a logo but we think it suits her style well and is something that can be used across the board for her branding needs.

If you’re in need of a photographer logo design, check out our branding packages and select an option that best suits your branding needs. Branding is important for any business, especially for photography as you will be placing your logo on pictures you take and will be a symbol that gets widespread attention.