Denise Johnson was another winner of our free family photography session giveaways that we held when we were first starting the business out. We were invited out to their house on the outskirts of Colorado Springs, CO (Falcon) to do a large family photography shoot where all the children and grand children were present. They were such a fun family to do a large family photography session with and we enjoyed maneuvering around with the different individual families and children to get these shots.

We started with the whole family together and  we got big group shots followed by individual families and their children.  After that we continued on and got the family back together to get some fun action shots. We had some fun with their cart in the front yard and moved around the front part of their property to capture the family shots. It’s always a fun challenge to 14 people to all work together to get a good large family picture, especially when the ages are such a wide range. Some of the children needed to be convinced to smile for us but we eventually got all of them smiling.

If you’re ready to schedule a large family photography session with us, check out our large family photography packages and book a time that is best for you and your family. We cherish every opportunity to work with families during large family photography sessions to get those priceless moments.