We’ve had the pleasure of working with the local branch of HeritageBank Mortgage here in Colorado Springs, CO to bring them some designs for their events that they host. These events range from open houses to workshops and now our work has spread to the rest of the branches to be used throughout the company. We’re so honored to work with them and look forward to future and what our partnership together looks like.

So far we’ve had the privilege of doing these pamphlet designs, business cards, a mailer and a banner for their events. We’ve begun to work in the realm of the web just a little and anticipate working more with them on that in the future. This pamphlet design was aimed to work with the banner we designed them for their open house events. Some of the same elements are mirrored in the pamphlet design that are from the banner because there will be a stand in front of the banner with the pamphlets and we wanted to reinforce the main message with a unified design.

If you’re in need of a pamphlet design for your business to hand out at events or to have available at your office, check out our pamphlet packages to pick an option that’s best for your needs.