This was amongst our first projects designed for HeritageBank Mortgage where they wanted to have a combination of design pieces to help promote a video education series they offered online. These pieces would primarily be used in open homes to help educate potential home buyers on the next steps to buying their home.
This open house banner design was the first amongst the designs to be done as it was needing to be done first for print purposes. From this open house banner we pulled several design elements that we carried over into the other pieces. The three triangular pieces were pulled into all the design pieces we have created for them subsequently.

Banners are a great attention getter if you’re at an event where there will be lots of people that can be exposed to you and your services. Having an important message that attracts your audience is a very important, but being able to draw them in with a beautifully designed banner is equally as important to get their attention.

If you’re a real estate agent or a loan officer and are in need of an open house banner, check out our banner + poster + menu packages and talk to us about getting your banner designed today!