HeritageBank Mortgage gave us the opportunity to not only put together some print marketing materials for one of the local branches but we also were able to create loan officer business cards for their individual agents. Since they were going to be primarily used and given out at events where the other marketing materials were going to be, we matched up the branding and imagery to reflect those materials on the business cards.

Since creating those for the local branch, they’ve extended the loan officer business card design to all of their agents throughout all of their branches and we’re beginning to have loan officers from different cities utilize this design for themselves.

The main purpose of these loan officer business cards was to get the recipient to go to their online video education series to help educate them on buying a house. As this was the theme with the rest of the marketing materials, we continued to use the road imagery for the “Road to home buying” slogan and created a simple and clean presentation for the loan officer’s information on the back.

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