After we had been invited to do Flashback Babershop’s marketing photography we were called upon to create a menu design for display in the store front. The menu design had to incorporate all of their services while still maintaining that vintage barbershop feel.
With a number of services offered by Flashback Barbershop, it presented a challenge in creating the menu design while still having all of the items legible and presentable. We started with the basic essentials for a retro barbershop menu design; a classy/vintage border, some iconic barbershop icons, and a few vintage separator designs.

We built this menu design in Adobe Illustrator so it is vector based and able to be scaled to any size which helped in the final stages as we needed to scale the menu to be a little bigger. With the amount of services offered it was hard to fit everything onto the menu and keep everything legible so we needed to expand the size some to fit everything. Once the design was complete, the owner of Flashback Barbershop, James Hall, was able to take the file and expand the dimensions to fit his needs for the menu design.

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