Our ongoing partnership with Conversion First Marketing is something that we hold close as we get to share with each other insights and lessons we’ve learned through trial and error. We love their model of business and we practice it with one another; walking you through HOW to do wordpress and HOW to do SEO successfully.

Conversion First Marketing - Facebook Banner

For getting ready for their launch, we were called upon to help out with creating something that was eye catching for their Facebook banner. After creating their log, we had their branding guidelines in mind and we knew the audience they wanted to reach. A well done Facebook banner is a nice piece for an attention grabber. Getting your message about who you are what you’re about in those first few seconds that your viewer gets to your page is so important for them to take the next steps.

Facebook pages are a great way to connect and share your business. Posting new updates and specials are a great way to keep your audience engaged. When they come to your page, having a welcoming Facebook banner image that draws them in can really help improve your odds of getting them to go take the next steps. Of course your content will keep them coming back but let us help you make that first initial impression a lasting one.

If you’re in need of some help with your Facebook banner or with making any of your other social media pages stand out and give them that extra little something, check out our social media packages and let us partner with you today!