Colorado Overtime Lawyers wanted to put together a campaign targeted at employees who deal with loans who are working overtime. Working on a time crunch we had to put together the targeted mailer design first so they could have it out for print in time for their deadline. After we designed the targeted mailer, we had to rush to put together a website to handle those who had interest.

colorado_overtime_lawyers-mailer_front colorado_overtime_lawyers-mailer_back

These targeted mailers went out after a couple revisions on time for their deadline. Once the mailer was completed we took the same design elements and applied them to the website to have a unified design aesthetic. We built these targeted mailers with a specific audience in mind and with that in mind we had a specific design we wanted to accomplish. Professional design with the businesses branding colors presented in a way that attracted loan employees to take the next step to get help with their overtime case.

If you’re needing to reach a specific and targeted audience, talk to us about designing your targeted mailers and check out our mailers packages. Targeted mailers are especially useful when you know the audience you’re trying to reach and you have a specific message or service that they need to see and hear. Consider a targeted mailer if you know your audience and have something specifically for that audience.