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Business cards are usually your first impression with a potential client as to how legitimate you are. Here in Colorado Springs, CO we love giving you the upper hand by creating professional and sleek business cards that are sure to add legitimacy to you and your business.

Designing business cards aren’t about just getting the information on there and hoping for the call. While the information is important, you also want to make a statement with that card, a statement that draws in that person to want to do business with you. Make that first impression a strong and lasting one with our help.

Entreprenuer Package

Custom Front Card Design
Blank Back
Standard Size


Professional Package

Custom Front Card Design
Custom Back Card Design
Standard Size


Executive Package

Custom Front Card Design
Custom Back Card Design
Standard Size
Headshot Session
Photo on Card




No, these are only prices for designing custom business cards for you. We have accounts that get us discounts when you’re ready to print and then in the future you can continue to utilize those discounted prices. The design prices are a one time fee and once the business cards are designed you can just reorder and pay the cost of printing & shipping.

If you have a business card already designed, contact us and we can talk about printing prices and how we can assist you in getting your business cards printed.


If you’re here wondering if you really need them, chances are you need some business cards. Being able to hand all of your contact information to a colleague or to a potential client is what makes the difference between getting business and not. Random meetings always take place and if you’re unprepared you run the risk of not looking professional, losing credibility or worst of all not having an avenue for someone to reach you.

If you’ve ever been in the middle of a meeting, had a random opportunity to connect with another professional or been asked for a business card, you’re in need of our services and we’re happy to partner with you to get professional and tailored business cards for you.


You know the standard business card templates you see all the time? You take them and you’re not all that impressed with them, they don’t leave a lasting impression. Custom designed business cards are important to help you stand out and to make you that much more memorable in their mind.

When you’re wanting to work with clients & customers that interact with a lot of different professionals throughout their day, having any extra advantage can help you secure their business. It could be what you were wearing that day, it could be the way you talked and it could come down to how professional your business card is. This is the first glimpse they have into who you are and what you are all about, make it count!


After we’ve designed your business cards we can walk you through getting them printed and, as we mentioned before, get you discounted rates through our accounts. The smallest quantity that you can order is 100 and then it goes all the way up to 10,000 with price breaks along the way.

Contact us if you have questions about pricing for getting a certain quantity printed. We have no problem using our accounts to help you get the business cards you need.


Depending on who you are and what you do, having the right finish on your business cards can add that extra little something you’re looking for in your business cards. There’s a glossy finish and matte finish that are both standard with printing prices. There’s also the next step up for both of those “Signature Glossy” and “Signature Matte”. If you want to get super fancy you can have metallic finishes and even raised/embossed portions of your cards to give that extra texture. All of the other finishes come with an additional cost and if you’d like to know more about the pricing of those, contact us and we can get a quote together for you.


A very common question especially if you’re unfamiliar with paper stock and how each of them feel. Gloss finishes will give it a sleek and smooth finish on your business cards and will also keep the colors more vibrant. So if your business cards are image heavy, we typically recommend gloss finish so you can keep those colors vibrant.

Matte finishes have more of a textured feel but doesn’t hold the same vibrancy in color as the gloss finish, which can be a desired look for your business cards. If you have more of a simple or clean design for your business cards, we typically recommend matte.


There are a variety of materials that can used when printing your business cards and depending on the style you’re aiming for one option might suit you better than another. There’s the standard materials used, which is the cheapest material, and then from there the materials get more fancy and more expensive. There’s different stock paper prints that you can choose at additional cost (130lb stock and 400lbs stock) and having that different feel can put your business cards apart.

There’s also the option of plastic printing at additional cost. With plastic printing available you have some fun concepts that you can play with. You can do colored plastic or even go with clear plastic and really make a statement. Talk to us about the material you’d like to use during our first initial meeting to get a quote for your business cards.


In booking us we’ll reach out to you to setup a meeting and talk over all the logistics of designing your business cards. Generally, some of the basic elements that’d we need to get started are: your name, your title, your email, your phone number, the name of the business you work for and a logo to help put your name with a business.

If possible we’d prefer to have the logo sent to us in one of the following formats: .ai, .eps, or .pdf. This allows us to get the best designing and printing experience when putting together your business cards.


If you’re wanting images that reflect what you do to be on your business cards and you don’t have any images available we have access to some stock photography. Stock images, however, are not included in the pricing and if you’re in need of an image we can assist you in getting some stock images or we can add that to the final cost. Stock images are typically not that expensive and you can purchase them individually. If you’d like to know more about the cost of stock images, contact us or include the question in the notes section when you book with us in the above scheduler.


As with all of our services we try to be as fare as possible in getting clients their products in a timely manner. Our usual work load is on a first come first served basis and even after designing the business cards for you we have to factor in and allow time for printing and then shipping. The design process as well as the printing/shipping processes can both separately be expedited for additional fees.

If you want the business cards designed faster that would be a $25 rush fee that we bill for and if you wanted to have the printing and shipping process sped up that is a different charge that the printer would place when we make the order.


Typically we aim to get the direction nailed down on the first try but we know that that won’t happen every time. We do out best to get as many details from you in the beginning so that we’re on track with your vision for the business cards. Every now and then we get a wild hair and take a few creative liberties. In most cases our clients enjoy the creative liberties we take and if you’re ok with that be sure to mention that to us in our initial meeting to discuss your business cards.

Our aim is always to please our customers but we limit the amount of changes that are made to 3. You can make small edits as we go and we don’t limit that but when you’re wanting to change directions in a drastic way we can’t be spending copious amounts of time exploring the different ways to create a business card as we have a number of clients to attend to. After the 3rd revision we will charge by the hour.

For printing your business cards we go through Vistaprint and we’ve yet to have a bad experience with them. In the event that something isn’t to your satisfaction in the printing of your business cards we will do all that we can to bridge the gap with Vistaprint to make sure you get the quality product you were hoping for. We are not liable for extra charges that may occur or if you decide in the end to reorder your business cards.

When you send over your logo we will store it for use only with this project unless you authorize us to use it for other projects.

After you express interest in our business card services and we have our first initial meeting we’ll put together a contract and send it over to you. Work on your business cards will not begin until the contract is signed and returned. You can scan it and return it or print it and mail it to us, whichever is best for your time needs.

After the design for your business cards are complete you have the option to find printing on your own or use our preferred vendors. We will send to you an invoice of the total cost with shipping and handling included and it will need to be paid before we place the order with our printing vendors. If payment is not received, we will not place the order.

If you get the Executive Package where you receive a professional headshots photography session you not only get it at a reduced price but you also get to keep the rest of the pictures from the shoot as well, not just the picture we end up using for your business card. Copyrights of the images will be included as well with that package.

You can also order a business card holder through Vistaprint for an additional cost that will help protect your business cards. Carrying them around in a pocket can often degrade the condition of your remaining business cards. Carrying them in your wallet usually gives them a slight bow and carrying them in your pockets begin to fold the edges. Keep your business cards in pristine condition with a business card holder. Be sure to mention your interest in one during our initial meeting so we can begin to get all of the details squared away.

When considering printing and shipping timelines there are different price ranges that come with how fast you’d like your business cards. The standard choice we pick is economy which will have the business cards delivered to you in 8 business days. The next step up is Standard which gets the business cards to you in 5 business days. Lastly there’s the express option which has the business cards delivered in 3 business days. We’ll discuss these options with you when placing the order and you’ll be able to let us know what you’d like to do at that point.